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03 Mar 2015

C Control is basically an arena combat anime, but it's an insidious sort of combat. The fights happen in a strange reflection of the city called the financial district, and the fighters can't be injured. When one of them gets hit, he literally bleeds money and the one who loses the most, when time runs out, loses the fight.

The twist is, the money you lose is loaned to you by the proprietor of the district, with your future as collateral. Lose the fight and you lose a piece of your future appropriate to the amount of money you lost. One guy goes bust and, when he gets home, finds that his three children never existed. Another loses a little and fails a test. Still another loses by just as narrow a margin and finds that his vaccine didn't save some people who should have lived... but it didn't affect his future much.

Of course, no one can force you to fight, but every fight you skip costs you half of your personal fortune, and the future that goes with it. All the while, black money, indistinguishable from the normal stuff except to the fighters, is pouring out of the financial district and into our economy, and every time a major fight occurs, changes happen in the real world, usually unnoticed by anyone except those involved.

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10 Nov 2014

My entries for the "secular alternatives to the ten commandments":

See things as they are. Try to set aside bias, prejudice, and unnecessary assumptions. The universe is full of surprises—unless you've already decided that it isn't.

Know yourself. You are a remarkable creature. Never cease to be amazed by all the things you are and that you can do. On the other hand, remember that the rest of the universe is also amazing.

Explore. Every person, every creature, every place and time have a story to tell. Ask questions, look it up, or find the answers first-hand and tell others. Learning never gets old.

Don't cling to possessions. People are more important than things.

Be free of tradition. Listen to the advice and traditions you come across, but decide for yourself what makes sense. Never follow a belief or a person blindly.

Don't worry. Do what you can to overcome the challenges you face, but don't dwell on them or fret over things you can't change. Especially, don't worry about what people think of you. Do what's right and accept that some just won't understand.

Love everyone. Don't try to limit the best feeling of all. Love as much as you can stand to. Everyone is worthwhile.

Don't carry a weapon unless absolutely necessary. When you expect a fight, you're apt to find one. When you're unarmed, you're less likely to take foolish chances. Use your head, either way.