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20 Jul 2016

One of my favorite Daily Show clips. Mass shootings do mean that we need more gun control.

20 Jul 2016

Japan is making its last vcr this month. Collectors swear that VHS is better than DVD.

18 Jul 2016

People entering the job market will earn less over their lifetimes than their parents did, despite prices being higher.

14 Jul 2016

Obesity is three times as deadly for men as for women.

14 Jul 2016

The FCC has opened up more spectrum for corporate takeover. This is not for 5G. The frequencies in question are much more useful for high-speed wifi. In any case, they're displacing:

08 Jul 2016

Giant media companies claim that fair use is unfair. Considering the fact that Disney made much of their money by raping the public domain, I'm not sympathetic. The big media companies will never make another dime from me, if I can help it.

08 Jul 2016

My latest PACG character:

29 Jun 2016

Antivus software actually increases your vulnerability to attack. The best antivirus is the one between your ears – don't open anything without thinking first.

Edit: More on the subject.

26 Jun 2016

This tells me that you're watching programs that you don't really care about, just so you can talk about them.

19 Jun 2016

I watched Gravity, only because I've got the riff of it. I knew from comments when the film came out that it wasn't going to be all that good, but I had no idea how bad it was. You can find lists of all the things they screwed up, but two really killed the movie for me.

First, the basic premise – not that an explosion caused a dangerous cloud of debris, that's possible – not that so many satellites in completely different orbits were affected, though that's pretty dumb – the idea that NASA couldn't communicate with their astronauts in low earth orbit. They're only a few hundred kilometers up. Almost any large radio transmitter could send a signal that my cell phone could pick up from that distance. Maybe you couldn't talk back, but there's no place around earth where they couldn't talk to you.

But I got over that almost immediately. I can suspend my disbelief once. Then they did the stereotypical "cutting the safety line" scene. (How many times am I going to have to see this ancient trope?) Clooney is slipping past Bullock, who grabs his line, stops him, and has a conversation with him while something is pulling him away from her. Did the Enterprise put a tractor beam on him? Did he have his pockets full of reactionless drives? What the hell was that about?

There wasn't even any dramatic reason for this nonsense. They should have had him disconnect as he was moving past her to avoid yanking her loose. (Given how many times they pulled each other away from a hand-hold, it was fairly stupid to keep the line on as they approached anyway.) Then, a few minutes later, they actually show you what would have really happened, when she tries to take off in the lifeboat and bounces back on the parachute lines.

After this, I couldn't take any of rest of the movie seriously. It's a shame that movies today cost so much more than, and are just as hokey as, movies that came out in the 1950s, before we even had a space program. Gah! I'm so glad I didn't go to a theater to see this dreck.

16 Jun 2016

The NRA gets what they pay for.

09 May 2016

Some Pathfinder Adventure Card Game characters I've put together. It would be nice if Paizo would stick to making more adventures and let us make our own characters.

Faru, Priest of Calistria

Cauld, Ghoul Rogue

Kunchen, Monkish Oracle